Integrity Dance Project

The Integrity Dance Project (IDP) was developed in August of 2009 as a way for some of Bataille’s more advanced dancers to further give back to the community and gain concert level experience.

IDP dancers gain access to working with professional choreographers and developing pieces to be performed in concert and community events. The company style focuses on classical jazz and modern techniques.

One of the main ongoing projects members contribute to is the Shining Stars Program, a dance class for children with special needs.

More Details: Dancers may make the company, but will need to be selected by a choreographer in order to dance in his or her piece.

All members are guaranteed two performance pieces per year. Most dances will include understudies, who will be determined by the director. There is a structured technical warm-up every week with the director or an instructor of equivalency, followed by choreography/rehearsal Dancers will focus on stretching, flexibility and technique during the Saturday class session.

IDP Members Must: Be an advanced level dancer (7th grade and up) Participate in ballet, jazz and lyrical or modern at Bataille Academie of the Danse (if a dancer from a different studio is interested in IDP, requirements may be discussed with the director) Attend Saturday scheduled warm-ups as well as the choreography/rehearsal sessions for their parts Mentor in the Shining Stars Program which takes place on Saturdays

If you are interested in pursuing the Integrity Dance Project, please contact Dee Dee Johnson directly via e-mail at [email protected]